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Out on the Town: Couture Culture at Snap! Orlando

Last Friday night, I got a chance to check out the opening gallery of Couture Culture at Snap! Orlando. It was my first time visiting since they got their own space and I must say that I am quite impressed. Couture Culture is a unique collection of art and photography that represent fashion and the beauty industry over the years. If you have an opportunity, definitely check it out it will be on display until November 7. Here are some of the moments that I captured from the evening.

The beginning of the evening
The beginning of the evening
Enjoying Photos of the late Coco Chanel. These Photos were taken by talented photographer Douglas Kirkland was tasked with capturing Coco Chanel at what she does best. These set of photos were my favorite.
Enjoying photos of the late Coco Chanel. These Photos were taken by talented photographer Douglas Kirkland was tasked with capturing Coco Chanel at what she does best. These set of photos were my favorite.
Coco Chanel Photos
Coco Chanel Photos
My favorite Coco Chanel photo out of the bunch. Looks like the models were having a blast with her.
My favorite Coco Chanel photo out of the bunch. Looks like the models were having a blast with her.

Photo Sep 18, 7 42 03 PM

Chic shot of attendees at a Fashion Show in NYC during New York Fashion Week
Chic shot of attendees at a fashion show in NYC during New York Fashion Week.
Foxy Lady Exhibit
Foxy Lady Exhibit
Snap! Space Outdoor Patio was one cool space
Snap! Space Outdoor Patio was one cool space
Fashion jewelry examination. Very intricately designed rings
Fashion jewelry examination. Very intricately designed rings
My favorite photo of the night. A perfect silhouette of the "Curious Gal."
My favorite photo of the night. A perfect silhouette of the “Curious Gal.”
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Fun Things to Do this Fall


Ahhh!! Fall is officially here. It is my favorite season of the year. I love the smell of the great outdoors, watching the leaves turn colors and feeling the crunch of them under my feet, and best of all the weather. For the past four years I have been living in Orlando and unfortunately I don’t get to experience the great changes in weather that my Northern family and friends experience. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy some fall fun.  Here are some fun fall things you can do for the fall season.

Go to a Fall Festival- As a fall is a great time to get outdoors, you are sure to find festivals of all kinds. I would say mostly throughout September and October.

Attend a Fall Football Game and Tailgate- Everyone loves the great American sport of football and even if you don’t you can enjoy the tailgate festivities.

Cook a new Recipe-Stews, soups, chili…I could go on. There are some great comfort foods you can learn to cook. I plan on trying a few new hearty soups. Here are some ideas I found on Pinterest. Fall Recipes

Volunteer-Fall is great time to give back, especially with Thanksgiving coming up. Find somewhere you can volunteer your time helping to make someone else’s life better.

Go to a Haunted House-Halloween is next month so you have plenty of time to find a place that will scare the pants off you.

Find a Corn Maze if you’re not into being Spooked- While there are some scary corn mazes, there are some mild ones. This is one of my favorite activities to do in the fall. Unfortunately, since I’ve been in Florida I haven’t been to one. I believe that this is the year for me to go.

Go Shopping-Fall is a great time to stock up on necessities. It is also a great time to add some nice trendy pieces to your wardrobe.

Drink Apple Cider-Make it hot and add some caramel to it. Yummy! Check out the recipe here.

Eat Cider Donuts-This goes great with some apple cider.

Visit the Cider Mill- You can get the above items at this wonderful emporium that is the very essence of fall. Find one and go.

Go on a Hike-You need a way to work off those all those cider donuts. Fall is a beautiful time to get outside. Find a trail and take a hike.

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5 Traits of Curious People


They say that the future belongs to the curious. Curious people have certain traits that they possess and if you pay attention you’ll notice these traits right away.

  1. They Ask A Lot of Questions

Curious people always ask “who?”, “what?”, “when?”, “where?”, and my personal favorite “why?”. Yes, they ask questions and lots of them. They like to get to the bottom of things and gain an understanding of the question that they are asking.

2. They are Avid Readers

You will always find a book in the hands of a curious person. First because they love learning, Secondly, because they love a good story. Thirdly, because it makes them great conversationalist.

3. They Try Everything

Curious people aren’t afraid to try new things, simply because they are curious. Their curiosity about the thing they are trying often leads to surprise, pleasure, and contributes to their overall happiness.

4. They are a a Great Source of Information

Because of the many questions that they ask, you can rest assured that curious people are very knowledgeable and know about a plethora of subjects. So you definitely can ask them questions and often learn way more than you asked.


5.They are in a Constant State of Wonderment

Curious people never stop learning, they never stop growing and they never stop questioning things. They always must know how something ends, thus leading them down new paths.

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Labor Day Weekend Activities for Curious People

The last official 3-day weekend of the year is among us once again. There are so many ways that you can spend it. I for one will be spending my part of my weekend working. No fretting here though, i like making extra money. However, like most of corporate America I will have the day off on Monday. Yay!! So what’s a girl to do. I plan on be spending part of my day doing a little bike riding, journaling, and relaxing in the company of friends. Not sure on how to spend the day? Here are some ideas below:

Learn Something New-Ever select the “Feeling Lucky” button on the Google Search engine? Try it out.

Read a Book-pick something you can finish in a long weekend. Pick a good audiobook with a fantastic narrator, you will surely be entertained

Go Outside- Visit a new park, take a neighborhood stroll, ride a bike, it’s a great time to enjoy nature

Plan Your fall Activities-Fall is here, a great time to plan all those little fun activities you look forward to every year. I will be planning a vacation for October.

Host a BBQ Potluck- A classic Labor Day activity.

Try a new Recipe and invite friends over to try it

Craft a Vision Board-What do you visualize for your life? Post it up using pictures and words on a foam board.

Have a Picnic in the Park-Pack a good picnic basket full of good eats and bring your lawn blanket and chairs. Try an evening picnic and watch the sunset.

Have a Game Night-Spades tournament anyone?

Movie Marathon-Make a theme out of it. Maybe just watch movies from the 1980s

Learn a History Lesson-It may be a good time to find out why we celebrate Labor Day

Try a New Place-A good time to try that new restaurant on your list

Go Shopping-America’s favorite pastime. Stay within your budget though.

Home Improvement Project-What project on your list could you complete in a weekend? Select one and get it done

I’m sure there are many other that you can do but these are ones that came to mind for me.  I hope you find something on the list that you can do if you haven’t come up with a plan for yourself.