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Happy Leap Day!

It’s that time again. Good o’l Leap Day, where we get an extra day in the month of February. Is it weird to say February 29th? How about the fact that it comes around every four years? Why is that? Well, I was curious so I did an investigation and here is what I found out.

Why is there a leap year?

Leap year is the reason that seasons occur at the same time each year. Although, a calendar year occurs every 365 days, the Earth actually takes 365.24 days to make a complete cycle around the sun and every four years it adds up to a full day. Therefore, a leap day is added to the calendar on the fourth year to keep it in sync with the Earth’s orbit. Interesting eh?

Some other interesting facts about Leap Day  (7 interesting facts)

Julius Caesar first introduced the idea of the Leap Year, however his formula was a little off. His rule was that any year evenly divisible by four would be a leap year. This created too many leap years. A correction came with the Gregorian calendar making centuries divisible by 400 to count as leap years.

A whole leap month is added to the Chinese calendar every three years. Their last leap year was in 2015.

Approximately 5 million people have birthdays on Feb. 29, they call them Leaplings and are eligible to join the National Society of Leap Year Day Babies.

The chances of having a birthday on a leap day are about one in 1,461.

In Ireland, every February 29 is known as Bachelor’s Day. On this day women can propose to men. The tradition began in 1288 when a law was passed permitting women to propose and if refused the man would have to pay a fine. There’s good rom-com about this special holiday and guess what it’s called Leap Year. Check it out, it’s definitely worth a watch.

On the flipside, one in five engaged couples in Greece will plan to avoid getting married in a leap year. They believe it is bad luck.

On February 29, 1940, Hattie McDaniel became the first black woman to win an Oscar. She was awarded for her role in Gone With the Wind.

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6 Ways to Stay Focused on Your Goals

It’s the second month of the year, how are you doing on your goals for the year? I know many times we enthusiastically set goals for ourselves at the beginning of the year and as the year goes on, we lose sight of them. Today, I want to share with you 6 ways you can stay focused on your goals.

Write them out in a notebook often 

File Jan 07, 4 08 20 PM
This is My Year Journal (Goal Setting Journal) The Success

What is written is real. There is power in writing things down. Multiply your power by writing out your goals often in your favorite notebook. I noticed that I got more accomplished when I would write things down. Up your success rate by writing your goals in present tense. For example, I produce $10,000 more in income. Now if you read that out loud, I guarantee you that your mind went to work on how to bring that statement to fruition. Give it a try.

Create a picture collage

Goal Collage
Made with PicCollage app for IPhone

As the second month began, I wanted to focus on specific goals for the month. In order to this, I came up with the idea of making a picture collage and setting it as my lock screen on my phone. You can do this too. Just use any collage making app on your phone and ta da, you have your own personal goal collage.

Make a goal card and post it up

Goal Card

These precious babies were created by life coach Stacia Pierce and are great for when you want to focus on a specific goal. It has complete instructions on how to use them on the back side and the front is where paste a goal picture and write out your goal along with a positive affirmation. Want to give these a go for yourself? You can order them here.

Create a Pinterest board

Pinterest Board

Oh Pinterest, how I love thee. Pinterest is a great place to pin great ideas and is a wonderful visual tool too. You can make yourself a goal board and pin pictures that represent that goal. You can also write your goal in the description area for more focus.

Make a Goal Board

Vision Board

In addition to a digital board or if digital isn’t your thing, you can make a physical goal board that you can post up somewhere at home. To do this you will need the following:

2-5 Magazines


Glue Stick

Foam Board (large or small)

Within the magazines, find pictures and words that align with your goals. You can do a board one of two ways. 1. For a specific goal or 2. For multiple goals.

Evaluate your goals every 30 days

Taking personal inventory on your progress is key. Otherwise, how would you know if you making progress? Ask yourself some key questions and be honest with yourself. From your answers take action, make the necessary adjustments, and you will be well on your way to success.

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