About The Curious Gal

Who is the Curious Gal?

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Dear Curious Person:

I want to welcome you to the Curious Gal Blog. My name is Ragina and I want to take you on a journey of a curious kind. I’m going to take you through beautiful West Orange County Florida and Downtown Orlando and all its scenes, tastes, and sounds. I’m going to introduce to the amazing people that make up this place too. Additionally, I’m going to give you a firsthand look of a thirty-something living and thriving in her life. So I hope you find something her that you like, if you’re curious.

Fun Facts about the Curious Gal

  • I love the color purple and always have some form of purple on my person
  • I love to read and am a heavy user of my local library (Shoutout to OCLS)
  • I like to consider myself a foodie. I am a frequent visitor of food spots around town and am a connoisseur of cupcakes and sweets.
  • I think in movies
  • I am a nerd
  • I am a Michigan State grad, GO GREEN!
  • Since becoming a Florida girl, I love being outside
  • In addition to my love for reading, my favorite subject in school was English and I love to write.
  • My dream vacation involves a visit to London, England
  • When I grow up, I want to be an author and own a media/adventure company
Curious since the age of three
Curious since the age of three

Why I started this blog?

I started the Curious Gal because I want to share my love for learning and trying new things. I want to inspire others to stay curious and I hope to do so through the writings of this blog and the scenes and sights I will be covering.

What you’ll find here?

As I mentioned before, I am taking you on a journey of a curious kind. I’m going to lead you to new discoveries, new knowledge, cool places in town, good eats, great reads, lots of learning, meet some awesome people, and the curious path of a thirty-something. Welcome, I do hope you’ll stay awhile.

Where can you find me?

Instagram: @thecuriousgal
E-mail: thecuriousgalblog@gmail.com


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