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Labor Day Weekend Activities for Curious People

The last official 3-day weekend of the year is among us once again. There are so many ways that you can spend it. I for one will be spending my part of my weekend working. No fretting here though, i like making extra money. However, like most of corporate America I will have the day off on Monday. Yay!! So what’s a girl to do. I plan on be spending part of my day doing a little bike riding, journaling, and relaxing in the company of friends. Not sure on how to spend the day? Here are some ideas below:

Learn Something New-Ever select the “Feeling Lucky” button on the Google Search engine? Try it out.

Read a Book-pick something you can finish in a long weekend. Pick a good audiobook with a fantastic narrator, you will surely be entertained

Go Outside- Visit a new park, take a neighborhood stroll, ride a bike, it’s a great time to enjoy nature

Plan Your fall Activities-Fall is here, a great time to plan all those little fun activities you look forward to every year. I will be planning a vacation for October.

Host a BBQ Potluck- A classic Labor Day activity.

Try a new Recipe and invite friends over to try it

Craft a Vision Board-What do you visualize for your life? Post it up using pictures and words on a foam board.

Have a Picnic in the Park-Pack a good picnic basket full of good eats and bring your lawn blanket and chairs. Try an evening picnic and watch the sunset.

Have a Game Night-Spades tournament anyone?

Movie Marathon-Make a theme out of it. Maybe just watch movies from the 1980s

Learn a History Lesson-It may be a good time to find out why we celebrate Labor Day

Try a New Place-A good time to try that new restaurant on your list

Go Shopping-America’s favorite pastime. Stay within your budget though.

Home Improvement Project-What project on your list could you complete in a weekend? Select one and get it done

I’m sure there are many other that you can do but these are ones that came to mind for me.  I hope you find something on the list that you can do if you haven’t come up with a plan for yourself.


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