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6 Money Books to Help you Slay Your Finances

April is Financial Literacy Month so in honor of this special month, I took the time to compile some serious reads that will help you out. These awesome reads will not only help you shape up your budget but help you improve your money mindset and put you on a path to growing your money.… Continue reading 6 Money Books to Help you Slay Your Finances

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5 Traits of Curious People

They say that the future belongs to the curious. Curious people have certain traits that they possess and if you pay attention you'll notice these traits right away. They Ask A Lot of Questions Curious people always ask "who?", "what?", "when?", "where?", and my personal favorite "why?". Yes, they ask questions and lots of them.… Continue reading 5 Traits of Curious People

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Back to Learning Series: Fall Into Reading

The kids went back to school this week here in Orlando. The start of school mean quite a few things around here, more traffic, fall sports, fundraisers, homework and assigned reading. Ahhh...I just got nostalgia there for a moment. One of my favorite subjects in school was English. This was due to all of the… Continue reading Back to Learning Series: Fall Into Reading