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Back to Learning: 5 Things to Learn This Fall

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Next to Christmas, the back to school season is my favorite time of year. It represents and means so many things. One thing that it represents for me is LEARNING. Though I am out of school, I am a committed life long learner. So every year, I look for new things to learn and increase in knowledge. You should too! Because if you’re not learning, you are not growing. Here are 5 things you can learn this upcoming fall:

  1. Learn a new Skill

What new skill have you wanted to learn? Now is the time to hunker down and learn some new skills. And yes even nunchuck skills count. LOL.  Below are some skills you can learn:

  • Cooking
  • Home Repairs
  • Art (digital, painting, drawing)
  • Self-defense
  • Design
  • Learn an instrument
  • Coding or Programming language
  • Web Design
  • Speed Reading
  • Public Speaking (You could join a group like Toastmaster’s)

Commit to learning or improving one new skill this fall.

2. Learn a new Subject

Did you know that if you studied a subject for just an 1 hour a day you’ll be an expert in that subject in 2 years? I think it’s pretty worth it if the subject is going to help you advance. Pick a subject that you’ve always wanted to learn and sparks curiosity in you. Below are some ideas:

  • Film
  • Art
  • History
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Fashion
  • Italian Cooking
  • Maps
  • Sports
  • Science

The list goes on and on. Take up a subject for yourself and when you talk to others it will make you a little more interesting.

3. Learn a new Scene

Take a look around. Open your eyes to your surroundings. See something you’ve never seen before? Perhaps it’s a new park, a new restaurant, a new exhibit at a museum. Whatever that may be go check out the new scene and learn something new. I like to do this as often as I can. One of the things I plan on doing this fall, here in Orlando is visiting the Science museum to see the Mummies exhibition before it goes. I am sure there are a lot to things I can learn about the culture behind Mummies.

4. Learn a new Site

We live in such an on demand society. Did you know learning can be on demand as well? Today there are so many sites, where you can various things such as sewing, cooking, photography and much more. Check out a few sites and sign up for a class. With most of them, you can learn at your own pace. Here are a few sites you can check out:

5. Learn to Share

Sharing is caring. With all the newfound knowledge that you will gain this fall, don’t forget to share it with others. You can definitely share it in the process of learning too. Use your social media channels to share articles or cool facts that you learn. If you’re not on all the networks, bring up what you’re learning in conversations. Your learning gives others inspiration and ideas. And ideas spread.

What are some things you will be learning this fall? I am curious to know. Leave a comment below.


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