Back to Learning, Curious Learner

Back to Learning Series: 5 Apps for Curious Learners

Apps are all the rage. They help us do life.  And best of all, they are always accessible and right at our fingertips. That is just like the curious person. Having information that they can access at the drop of a hat. There are many apps that are good for this. I wanna share with you a few of my favorites. These apps keep me curious.

  1. Owl

I am not sure how I found this app but I stumbled upon it one day and have been hooked ever since. If you like little random and quirky facts, then you will love Owl. Daily they post up these random cool facts on just about everything. Definitely will give you something to talk about and make you sound smart.

2. Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

At one time, this was the most used app on my phone. Why did I use it some much you ask? It is because I am nosy and I love information, and I’m a big movie buff. Anytime I saw a movie and wanted to know the actor’s name I would look them up on IMDB and find out info about there whole career and future movies they are working on. It has some other great things on the app too. But that is the feature, i use the most.


As a writer, I have a genuine love for words. So I always keep the app right at my finger tips. Whenever, I want to expand my vocabulary, understand a word, or find out all the various variations of the word I this app is my go to.


After Google Reader became defunct. I had to find a new reader to read all my wonderful content. Another favorite of mine. is a place you can read your all of your favorite blogs in one place. It allows you to add content and separate them into categories according to your interest. You can add your own content, discover new reads to expand your curiosity.

5. Instagram

I love Instagram. I learn so much from it. I enjoy the beautiful photos of things that I wish I could buy, eat, and the exotic locales I could possibly travel to. On the learning side, I use Instagram as a search tool. There is nothing like consumer generated content. I’ve found a lot of things this way. I’ve found interior design ideas, local events, new area restaurants try out, new people to follow, hair tutorials, conferences in my industry, and even. As I mentioned earlier here, I use Instagram as a learning tool too.  For example, to keep my vocabulary evolving and snazzy I follow accounts like @wordoftheday and the @wordinaire. Instagram is super resourceful, I implore you to think of different you can use it besides looking at the pretty pictures.

Next week in our Back to Learning Series, I will be covering how to fancy up your workspace. I just did an overhaul on mine. So I am looking forward to sharing.

Remember to Stay Curious!


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