Curious Life

How to Stay Curious: Meet New People


If you want to lead a curious life, you must get out and meet new people. Depending on your “why” for meeting new people, this gives you the opportunity to meet people that are interesting and could change your life.

I believe that people are curiosities in themselves and are worth every bit of the effort that it takes to get to know someone. So, how does meeting new people keep you curious? I came up with a few ideas.

  1. You can learn from the people you meet- At an art festival I attended, I met a man who worked with grad students in the Health Communications field. Through conversation with him, I learned that he had a love for history and like to read books on history. Somehow the topic shifted to alcohol consumption in England and how they drunk a lot of wine because the water quality was so bad, something he learned from a historical book he read. The topic was random yes, but I learned something new.
  2. You meet more people-This always happens and it’s a good thing I think. Usually, when you make one new friend, they are kind enough to introduce to their other friends. Adding more people to your wolf pack.
  3. It makes you more interesting- Curious people are the most interesting people you will ever meet. Meeting new people gives you a chance to show off just how awesome you really are. People love meeting other appealing people like themselves.
  4. Idea Swapping-This is my favorite part of meeting new people. Trading ideas and making cool suggestions. As you get to know someone, what comes up quickly is some sort problem they have, something they are looking for, or fun things they are into. Some cool people I met recently swapped ideas with me for different vegetarian foods and how to prepare them.

So where are some places you could meet new people to add to your wolf pack? Here are some places below. Feel free to try one or all.

  1. Special Interest Groups
  2. Networking Events
  3. Adult Sport Leagues
  4. Church Event
  5. Take a Class
  6. Annual Events
  7. Art Gallery Night
  8. Supper Club
  9. Library or Bookstore
  10. Race
  11. Volunteering
  12. Conferences
  13. Happy Hour
  14. Festival
  15. Video Game Tournament
  16. Spoken Word
  17. Karaoke Night
  18. Dance Club
  19. Trivia Night
  20. Cafe
  21. Bike Tour
  22. Hobby or Special Interest Group
  23. Maker Spaces
  24. Conventions
  25. Community Meetings

I hope this list gets you started on to making some new friends. What are some other ways you like to meet new people? Share your tips in the comments below.


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