Curious Thoughts

Where’s Your Lipstick?

Mac Liquid Matte Lipstick
Where’s your lipstick? That’s a common question I would get from my beloved aunt ( I love you if you’re reading this). A question I found to be annoying at times. And oh! Don’t tell me it will somehow get me a man. Like they really give a care about that. Now I will be honest, I love a good lip color and I like wearing makeup. But I didn’t like wearing it all the time. My excuses usually ranged from I didn’t have time to put it on to I don’t have the right lip liner to go with the lipstick that is currently in my purse. Truthfully I was just not trying some days and being quite lazy with it. One day it dawned on me, why do I fight against wearing some form of makeup and claim to love wearing it? I’m actually pretty good at applying makeup almost like an artist of some sort. So what is the deal? I thought long and hard about this and I start thinking about how I actually feel when I am wearing lipstick. Cute and confident. To encourage me to wear it more often, I gave it meaning. To wear lipstick is to present my best and my best brings out my confidence, which is attractive. Ah! Now I get it. Everyday I make a serious effort to not leave the house without at least some lipstick or some blush on. I’m working on adding eyeshadow too. What are you fighting against? That thing you’re fighting against may make you your best self. Explore the things that make you feel your best and start adding it to your life.

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