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Where’s Your Lipstick?

Where’s your lipstick? That’s a common question I would get from my beloved aunt ( I love you if you're reading this). A question I found to be annoying at times. And oh! Don’t tell me it will somehow get me a man. Like they really give a care about that. Now I will be honest,… Continue reading Where’s Your Lipstick?

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Just Show Up!

It has been said that those who show up, go up. Well what does that mean, exactly? To me it means that there are possibilities, opportunities awaiting you when you show up to places. I've experienced this personally of course, as of matter of fact just on last week. The immediate thought that came to… Continue reading Just Show Up!

Curious Thoughts

The Thing About Consistency

This past October, I made a decision to get fit. I've never been fit in my entire life ya'll. So the decision to do so was a little daunting at first. Simply put I kind of got tired of running out breath when I covered short distances. So I figured exercise would improve this. Some… Continue reading The Thing About Consistency